Lincoln Concierge

At Sanderson Lincoln, we know that your time is precious. To help you spend more of your time doing what you love, we have created our Concierge Service.

The Sanderson Lincoln Concierge Service applies to all 2017 models that are purchased from our dealership. When your Lincoln needs servicing or an oil change, we will drive to your home to pick it up and leave you with a sparkling clean Lincoln loaner vehicle to drive while your car is worked on.

With more than two-dozen loaner vehicles at our disposal, we are ready to help you when you need us. Simply contact your Service Advisor to schedule an appointment at your convenience with our Concierge Service.

The Ultimate Personalized Luxury Buying Experience

Concierge Service is not limited to servicing vehicles; we can even help you purchase one at your convenience. Lincoln Concierge offers you 24/7 vehicle solutions with a personal touch. The goal is to create a truly personalized experience.

With Lincoln Concierge, buyers and dealers can engage and build a relationship before, during and after the sale. Buyers can let their local dealership know what their needs are and can create their vehicle, set up an appointment to visit the dealership and then take a test drive in the vehicle they’ve created. This can help shorten the sales process while providing buyers with exactly the car they want when they want it.

The Lincoln Concierge Experience

  • A personal, guided walkthrough of new Lincoln vehicles, services and comparisons with in-segment competitor vehicles.

  • A personalized portfolio, logging all your preferences, which can be shared with your local preferred dealer.

  • Access to your portfolio information from any platform, including laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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Come in and experience Lincoln Concierge today. It’s the Lincoln Way!