Lincoln Sync 3

When you’re driving, you shouldn’t be forced to take your eyes off the road or your hands off of the steering wheel by anything, least of all by your own phone. With Lincoln Sync 3, which comes standard across the entire 2017 Lincoln lineup, you won’t have to.

What is Lincoln Sync 3?

Sync 3 is the modern Lincoln’s in-vehicle communications and infotainment system whose suite of useful features helps cut out some of the multitasking that accompanies tasks like controlling the sound system or your vehicle’s climate control, and eliminates the stress of receiving a phone call but being unable to check it.

This incredible system is in every 2017 Lincoln that we have at our North Phoenix dealership. In fact, each Lincoln vehicle has a version of Sync 3 custom designed for that specific model in order to ensure that it is as intuitive to use as possible and simultaneously fits seamlessly with the vehicle’s aesthetic.

Stay Connected 

MyLincoln Touch syncs your Lincoln Sync 3 system with your phone over a Bluetooth wireless connection. This way, you can use the steering wheel buttons or even voice commands to make or answer phone calls or listen to text messages so that you can keep your eyes where they should be: on the road ahead. And while you hopefully never need to use this feature, it also has a no-extra-charge 911 assist function in case of emergencies.

If you’d like to stay informed on your driving conditions, including current weather and traffic reports, or real-time updates on news, sports and more media, Sync 3 can be set up to help you control the flow of information, hands-free.

Navigate without Looking

If you select a Lincoln with navigation assistance equipped, Sync 3 will be set up to work with it so that you can control the navigation system by voice on top of syncing with your phone. This system can also be configured to work the same way for turn-by-turn directions through SiriusXM Travel and Traffic Link. Sync 3 can provide you turn-by-turn directions and a live navigation map, if you’d like it to.

To say simply: Sync 3 is useful and versatile. And at the end of the day, it helps keep you safer by eliminating the temptation to take your hands off the wheel or take your attention off of the road to control the car’s systems or to check your phone. If you’re intrigued, contact us to schedule a test drive or just take a first-hand look at the system. You won’t regret it.