Revel in Lincoln

Lincoln has long held the title of America’s favorite luxury car. This means not only sleek styling and exceptional performance, but also exceptional comfort, and the latest technology in the cabin. For 2017, that luxury extends to Lincoln’s car audio system.

Lincoln understands that sound is powerful and that the first thing most drivers do when they enter the car is turn on the audio system. That’s why we’re proud to announce the new high-end audio system from Revel by Harmon, available in the 2017 Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln MKX and Lincoln Continental models.

Gorgeous Sound Quality

Revel is known for its scientific foundation, its home theater speaker design legacy and its trademark sonic signature – pure, musical, and faithful to the original performance. Lincoln has partnered with Revel to produce vehicles with the best car stereos of 2017.

Using computer aided design technology, Revel’s Point Source Architecture places the speakers into perfect positions in the cabin so that the details of the music reach your ears at the exact same time and volume. In fact, Revel and Lincoln partnered to create an audio system sonically designed specifically for each vehicle.

Placement, tuning, calibration and the number of speakers is customized for each Lincoln vehicle’s cabin to ensure the highest level of audiophile quality sound reproduction. Moreover, every Revel system is tuned to the interior trim of your Lincoln, because when interior materials change so does the sound.

Revel and Lincoln have melded art and science to create the ultimate luxury audiophile experience for every Lincoln owner!

Cutting Edge Technology

QuantumLogic Surround is Revel’s newest-generation surround sound technology. It delivers a multidimensional listening experience to each passenger. With QuantumLogic Surround, owners can select from three listening modes, including:

• Traditional Stereo

• Audience: Provides an intimate concert-style experience.

• On-Stage: A 360-degree listening experience that puts the listener center stage.

Revel’s proprietary Clari-Fi technology rebuilds audio details often lost during digital compression. Clari-Fi reconstructs digitally compressed music in real time for an unsurpassed listening experience.

Lincoln ownership is all about a warm, human, and personally-crafted driving experience, and that includes partnering with Revel to bring audio to life in the most authentic way possible. The Lincoln Motor Company is the exclusive automaker to offer the Revel and Revel Ultima in its 2017 lineup of luxury vehicles.

Come in for a Test Drive and Check Out the Revel Audio System

Stop by Sanderson Lincoln, your Valley Lincoln dealer, and arrange a test drive a new Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln MKX or Lincoln Continental. You’ll love the performance, style and luxury and, especially, the amazing Revel Audio System.